Women, Balance & The Economy

I believe that work life balance is a gender neutral issue. Both men and women face challenges in creating harmony in their life, though it may show up in different ways, and men and women use different words to describe their struggles, the themes are largely the same. There is one exception, and that is with women who are senior in their roles. What I see taking shape is an either/or conversation about continuing at a senior level or dedicating time to raising a family. It is a conversation, which I have yet to whiteness in male workshop participant.

The Wall Street Journal sees this too and last week convened around 200 leaders in business, academia and government to discuss why there are so few leaders and devise some actions that companies (and government) can take to better support advancement of women in the workplace. Some key takeaways include:

  • Strong talent management programs
  • Development of more mentorship and sponsorship opportunities
  • Promotion based on potential
  • Development of strong P&L expertise
  • CEO accountability for women development programs

Read the full report for interviews, videos, data and more suggested actions.


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