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The hardest part about professional transformation is taking the first step.

These tools are designed to help start a conversation either with yourself or to help managers have conversations with their teams. Topics covered include work-life balance, setting boundaries and expectations, managing stress, how to talk about risk, defining what is really urgent and learning awareness as a business skill.

How Simple Intentions Began
The Awareness Framework Philosophy
The Five Truths About Work-Life Balance
Communication and Work-Life Balance
How to Talk About Risk
How to Deal with Non-urgent “Urgent” Requests
For Managers: Creating Work-life Balance Team Agreements
For Managers: How to Talk about Work-life Balance

Online Course

Stop & Think: Creating New Awareness is the leading global course for developing work-life balance. Since 2008, it has been taught in over 50 countries to thousands of people at multinational corporations. The online program is divided into seven 15-minutes parts, each focusing on developing awareness around blocks to balance. The content guides people around how to apply The Awareness Framework and take accountability for the impact of imbalance behaviors on self and others. Reflection activities at the end of each part are designed to generate awareness and create action. Take the course for free


Over the years Jae has written columns and articles for Mindful Magazine,, Thrive Global, Huffington Post and many regional business publications.  Her articles on balance, mindfulness, stress management, conscious communication and soulful leadership can be found on these platforms.