Text or no Text

Why do you text someone and when is it ok text? Really, why do you choose to send a text over calling, sending an e-mail or in some cases saying nothing at all?

Texting is so fast and easy many times it’s hard to resist firing off a quick idea or thought, (or an update on arrival time) when in reality, it’s not necessary or the right tool to deliver the message. Five years ago would you have called someone to say “parking now”?

Our relationship with our mobile devices is getting more and more complicated, we use it to call, e-mail, Skype, and text we work from it and run the rest our life from it. So when using it for 2-way communication one can assume there is a conscious choice to use a specific method to match the message.

When it comes to texting, I’ve found people all over the map with why and when they use it and the choice isn’t very conscious at all. For example, I’ve been noticing my own texting habits. A few times I sent texts with messages I’m not sure I’d say to face-to-face and I sent texts to avoid conversations. I also sent texts for context on location and timing and some to make people feel good. And when I made the effort to think about it there were many texts I didn’t send at all that became e-mails or conversations and some things I didn’t share at all. What I learned for me is if I can’t say to someone – I will not text it.

Coming back to the beginning – why do you text someone and when is it ok text? (There is not right or wrong answer – only what is right for you.)


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