Jae works with teams of all sizes around the world to teach awareness as a business skill.   

Awareness is a person’s ability to see the world and how they show up in it. When people are able to see their behavior, they can then take accountability for what they see and shift the impact of their behavior on others and the organizationMost of us are not taught that awareness is a skill, let alone a crucial workplace skill. 

To teach this skill, the content of these programs blends real-world experience with leading research in behavioral science, neuroscience, communication theory and mindfulness, that is then customized by role and organizational as needed. By learning the skill of awareness as a team, teams can begin to identify and work together to shift behaviors (habits) that create imbalance, miscommunication, disengagement and distraction.

Organizations who have implemented our workshops experience:

  • Improved work-life balance
  • Enhanced organizational health
  • Establishment of clear and reasonable boundaries to support balance and success
  • Ability to communicate clear expectations to achieve desired outcomes and goals
  • Improved communication and cross-group collaboration
  • A safe way to discuss complicated topics where all voices are heard and supported to deepen trust
  • Increased productivity through awareness of actions to support desired outcomes and goals

All programs can be delivered online and/or in-person as appropriate and when safe to do so.

Managing Energy & Attention

This is a 3-hour facilitated program designed to empower teams to recognize and work with the impact of energy and mind states. Participants will learn to work with behaviors and situations that drive positive and negative team energy as well as learn tools to build the skill of single-focused attention.

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Stop & Think:
Creating New Awareness

This is a 4-hour facilitated team conversation designed to cultivate awareness of behaviors that drive imbalance and their impact on productivity and innovation. It includes setting team and individual balance boundaries to support deeper connection and engagement to improve balance, communication and trust.

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Stop & See:
Developing Intentional Habits

This is a 2-hour facilitated team conversation to empower teams to create intentional habits that support desired outcomes for both balance AND success. The conversation explores the anatomy of habits to create connections to the impact behaviors have on the choices we make each day.

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Stop & Listen:
Practicing Presence

This is a 2-hour facilitated team conversation that explores the connection between listening, balance and presence and how presence can help people create deeper engagement with self, others and the environments in which we live and work. It will cover working with internal and external distractions as well as active and passive listening skills.

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Success with Stress:
A Proactive Mindful Approach to Stress

This is a 2-hour facilitated team conversation to provide people tools to proactively manage stress and have open authentic conversations about what creates stress, and what is needed to care for self, team and company in times of greater stress. 

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How to Talk about Risk

This is a 2-hour facilitated team conversation to empower teams to identify risks and learn the Risk Resiliency Conversation Framework to empower conscious communication about risks and the impacts of risk on self, others and the business outcomes.  

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The Luminal:
Navigating Between No Longer & Not Yet

This 6-part program is designed to help teams develop behaviors to support mental and emotional stability within times of change, the immersion experience provides tools and frameworks to empower people to thrive when facing major transitions, transformations and times of uncertainty. 

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The Meditations:
From Mindfulness to Mantra

This 4-part program is designed to help people start a mindfulness meditation practice, it provides people an overview of mediation types and explores related attention training tools to empower people to deepen their everyday awareness.  

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