Team Immersion


The Team Immersion program is an in-depth experience intended to increase the skill of awareness as team. Through conversations with the team, individual contemplation, and accountability tools, this program will help teams develop trust, awareness and accountability of actions.


  • Develop the skill of individual and group awareness
  • Identify and address gaps between perception and reality
  • Evolve behaviors to support a new atmosphere
  • Evolve behaviors that supports improved team dynamics


  • Behavior change will take longer than you think. Having new conversations, shifting behavior and learning to lead with awareness takes practice, and practice takes time.
  • The experience might be both uncomfortable as well as empowering; know that each are necessary to alter behavior and mindset. Embracing both what the teams does well and where it can grow is part of the journey.
  • Even if you have a deep understanding of the concepts we cover (awareness, perception, reality), embrace the opportunity to share knowledge, wisdom, experiences and fears with the team.
  • Many people feel they “should know this stuff,” but we cannot know what we have not been exposed to.


  • Conversation #1: Get Clear
  • Conversation #2: Define Success
  • Conversation #3: Developing Intentional Habits
  • Conversation #4: Expectations (Asking & Setting)
  • Conversation #5: Setting and Sharing Intentional Boundaries
  • Conversation #6: Be in the Moment

All clients receive the following ongoing support:

  • Team Intention Template: The evolving action plan. The team will commit to intentionally shifting one behavior each month that supports their collective growth in awareness and desired development outcomes
  • Contemplation Questions: Questions to uncover and evolve how team members show up: needs, wants, desires, fears
  • Use of our surveys and metrics to track behavior change
  • The Monthly Pause communication with content to continue conversations between engagements.