Sometimes a workshop or keynote is not enough. It takes time to transform – to cultivate the skill of awareness, improve work-life balance, improve communication, or create workplace boundaries. Allow Jae Ellard, Founder and CEO of Simple Intentions, to help transform your team, LT, or favorite organization or group. Our 1-3 day custom retreats offer a diverse library of content and are designed to empower participants to make new choices about how to live a more present, authentic and empowered life.


  • Stop & Think: Creating New Awareness – This is a weekend retreat that is about the choices you have and understanding the impact of the choices you make.
  • Mind space: Managing Energy & Attention – This is a full day retreat about your ability to recognize and work with the impact of energy and mind states of self and others.
  • Manager Immersion – This is a 1-3 day retreat that is about leading groups to take actions for making and accepting choices with greater awareness.
  • Leadership Immersion – This is 1-3 day retreat that is about developing awareness around empowered and disempowered elements of self and learning to make intentional choices to activate your greatest potential.

Looking for a keynote for your corporate retreat? Look no further.



“I found myself near tears while attending one of Jae’s seminars focused on Work-Life Balance as I had already recognized this was an issue in my own life but had not done anything to address it. Her insight and thoughtful delivery of the subject matter really makes you think about your own life and the employees that work for you. A must attend and first step for any business leader or individual concerned about work-life balance.”

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