Stop & Listen: Practicing Presence

Stop & Listen: Practicing Presence™

This is a 2-hour facilitated team conversation that explores tactics to become more present and engaged at the individual and team level. The conversation examines being present with environments, relationships and self. Participants learn new tools to listen and participate in conversations with greater impact and deeper engagement, and a plan for implementing engagement tools at the individual, team and organizational levels. Sample agenda below.


  • Define concept of presence
    • Activity: What does it mean to be present?
  • Benefits of presence
  • Define and discuss interruptions and distractions
  • Connection between presence and balance


  • Behaviors have impact, whether intentional or unintentional
  • Develop awareness as a skill and learn levels of awareness
    • New, conscious, natural
  • Understand benefits of awareness as a skill
  • Develop levels of presence
    • New, conscious, natural


  • Identify 3 key areas of being present
    • Environment (including the technology around you)
      • Activity: What is around you?
    • Relationships
      • Activity: I feel most alive when…
    • Self
      • Activity: Micro-meditation
  • Presence habit/ritual
    • Activity: Identify individual presence habit to support balance/success

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