Leadership Immersion


This program focuses on developing a new dimension of awareness for leaders to help them activate their true leadership potential.  Based on neuroscience, human behavior research, data and our deep experience working with leaders from around the world, we empower leaders to envision their best leadership selves which includes developing an understanding of who you are, how you show up and how that impacts others and business outcomes.

Benefits and behavioral impact from the program that allows leaders to embrace their best leadership self, include:

  • Improved Focus
  • Enhanced cognitive flexibility
  • Greater self-insight
  • Deeper intuition
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced emotional reactivity
  • Reduced rumination


  • This kind of leadership work will take longer than you think. Having new conversations and learning to live with awareness will first pop old frames of mind; only then can leaders move to alter behavior mindset and shift patterns.
  • Embodying the intellectual is necessary for this to work.  Leaders will likely know what the concepts and words mean that they will discuss, but knowing versus living from them as guides for leadership are very different.
  • Most likely leaders will have some fear about this program. Fear that as a leader they “should know this stuff” already. But leaders cannot know what they have not yet been exposed to.
  • Even if a leader had a deeper level of understanding of these concepts already, the benefits of getting a leadership team together with others leaders, talking with each other and sharing wisdom, experiences and fears is a profoundly powerful galvanizing experience.


  • Engagement #1: Understand & Connect
  • Engagement #2: Define & Understand Team Leadership
  • Engagement #3: Awareness as a Leader & Empowered Archetypes
  • Engagement #4: Disempowered Archetypes
  • Engagement #5: Envision
  • Engagement #6: Activate