The Immersion programs are in-depth 6-12 month experiences designed specifically to empower people to integrate and master the skill of awareness. Through using guided conversations, individual contemplations, and accountability tools, these immersive programs guide people to develop their best professional self.


  • Integrate and master the skill awareness
  • Identify and address gaps between perception and reality
  • Evolve behaviors to support a new professional style/technique
  • Evolve behaviors that supports improved communication and ability to collaborate

All Immersions include ongoing support to ensure the conversation continues long after the Immersion concludes. This includes:

  • The Pause – Our monthly communication with tips and content to continue the conversation for all participants
  • Access to program consultant to discuss challenges and ideas for action and integration of content post workshop
  • All materials including books, totems and resources
  • Use of our surveys to track behavior change
  • Discounted Transformation Tools subscription for managers and participants to deepen awareness and create action to disrupt patterns that no longer server the organization


Having new conversations, shifting behavior and learning to act with and lead from awareness takes practice, and practice takes time. The immersion experience might be uncomfortable as well as empowering; know that each are necessary to alter behavior and mindset. Embracing both what people do well and where they can grow is part of the journey.

Even if people have a deep understanding of the concepts covered in Immersion programs (awareness, perception, reality), they can embrace the opportunity to share knowledge, wisdom, experiences and fears with their peers. On the other hand, many people feel they “should know this stuff,” but people cannot know that to which they have not been exposed to, which is what the immersion experience is all about, exposing a new way of being in the workplace.


  • Manager Immersion is about leading groups to take actions for making and accepting choices with greater awareness.
  • Leadership Immersion is about developing awareness around empowered and disempowered elements of self and learning to make intentional choices to activate your greatest potential.


“I would absolutely recommend this program. The discussions we had about work styles/expectations was so impactful to our working together and improving as a team. The content seemed non-traditional (in a good way) in that it was not department specific, but was a great use of our time toward the end of working better together as a team.”

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