For Managers


Most company training programs don’t properly prepare managers to lead with awareness. That’s because scripted, uniform training simply doesn’t work when it comes to empowering managers to create awareness around the impact of their behavior on the people they lead. For each manager, the journey is different but the desire to learn is the same.  Most managers are unsure of how to begin and have limited resources to support them (and their team) in disrupting toxic patterns that lead to disengagement, imbalance and workplace distraction.

Our manager programs are intended to increase the skill of awareness as a manager and as a result create healthier team atmospheres. Through conversations with managers, individual contemplation, and accountability tools, we help managers develop their best manager self.

Managers who have implemented our programs experience:

  • Development of the skill of manager awareness
  • Identification of the gaps between perception and reality
  • Evolution of behaviors to support a new leadership style/technique
  • Evolution of behaviors that supports improved team dynamic

Benefits to the team include:

  • Improved org health and work-life balance
  • Improved communication and trust within the team
  • Increased productivity through awareness of and intentionality of actions to support desired outcomes



Because each team is unique, there is no one-size fits all implementation plan. We will work with you to identify the right delivery method to meet your intended goals and needs. Our programs can scale to support audiences of all sizes, locations and learning styles.  All of our programs include the following ongoing support to ensure the conversation continues long after we leave the room.

  • Use of our surveys and metrics to track behavior change
  • The Monthly Pause communication to continue conversations between engagements
  • Access to tools and resources to deepen awareness
  • Access to program consultant to make program adjustments as needed


“It is a structured way of getting further in our inward journey. The program is easygoing and well-paced out and the consultants are really good. Ultimately though the value added depends on how open and honest we are with ourselves and with the consultants and how deep we want to go.”

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