Stop & See For Leaders

Stop & See: Developing Intentional Habits™

This is a 2-hour facilitated team conversation that empowers leaders to create intentional habits that support desired outcomes for balance and success. The conversation explores the anatomy of habits to create connections to the impact behaviors have on the choices we make each day. Leaders will leave with a deeper understanding of awareness and the creation of an intentional habit to support desired outcomes at the individual, team and organizational level.

Sample agenda below.


  • Define concept of balance
    • Activity: Define current state of balance for self and team
  • Discuss and define concept of success
    • Activity: Define concept of success for self and team


  • Behaviors have impact, whether intentional or unintentional
  • Develop awareness as skill and learn levels of awareness
    • New, conscious, natural
  • Understand benefits of awareness as a skill
  • Develop awareness of habitual patterns


  • Define what a habit is and is not
    • Activity: Define current habit that sabotages balance/success
  • Discuss how to create intentional habits
  • Identify 3 key elements of habit
    • Cue, routine, reward
  • Impact habits have on teams, organizations, communities
  • Understand concept of keystone habits
    • Activity: Make intentional individual habit to support desired outcomes for balance and success

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