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It’s not up to a leader to solve all their employees’ issues.  However, leaders can work to empower their teams to take accountability for the choices they make that either sabotage or support desired outcomes.  When people at all levels of the organization have better awareness regarding the root causes of imbalance, disengagement and distraction it creates a path towards all people feeling empowered to take accountability for making and accepting choices.  When this occurs, an organization can truly begin to shift and evolve toward becoming more productive, engaged and connected.

Our leadership programs focus on developing a new dimension of awareness for leaders to help them activate their true leadership potential and be the vision they wish to create for the company.  Based on neuroscience, human behavior research, data and our deep experience working with leaders from around the world, we empower leaders to envision their best leadership selves which includes developing an understanding of who you are, how you show up and how that impacts others and business outcomes.

Benefits and behavioral impact from the program that allow leaders to embrace their best leadership self, include:

  • Improved Focus
  • Enhanced cognitive flexibility
  • Clear self-insight
  • Deepen intuition
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced emotional reactivity
  • Reduced rumination



Because each team is unique, there is no one-size fits all implementation plan. We will work with you to identify the right delivery method to meet your intended goals and needs. Our programs can scale to support audiences of all sizes, locations and learning styles.  All of our programs include the following ongoing support to ensure the conversation continues long after we leave the room.

  • Use of our surveys and metrics to track behavior change
  • The Monthly Pause communication to continue conversations between engagements
  • Access to tools and resources to deepen awareness
  • Access to program consultant to make program adjustments as needed


“Very inspirational and directly applicable. I can see this helping to transform the way we operate as a team and I will be a strong advocate for this program. Thank you!”

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