With each new year comes exuberance and optimism in all of us at the chance to start fresh, begin new ventures, let go of old patterns and establish new behaviors. I’ve never been a fan or making New Year’s resolutions, rather I do some intention setting for what I choose to manifest moving forward in the months to come. Either way, many of us spend so much time thinking about moving forward this time of the year that we forget to examine what has been holding us back in the areas we want to move forward. Why now is the question I pose to you all as you set your resolutions and intentions – why now? What is different about this moment and this year that now the time to change an old behavior or create a new one? What in your life has changed that you are now ready to put action behind your resolution or intention? What are you willing to let go of in order to move forward? Build momentum in your life by claiming your motivation for change as much as aiming for your goal. Either way, the choice is yours for what you want to create in 2011.


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