Manager Immersion


The Manager Immersion program is an in-depth experience designed specifically for people managers and intended to increase the skill of awareness as a manager. Through conversations, individual contemplations and accountability tools, this immersive program guides managers to develop their best manager self.


  • Develop the skill of manager awareness
  • Identify and address gaps between perception and reality
  • Evolve behaviors to support a new leadership style/technique
  • Evolve behaviors that supports improved team dynamic


  • Accept that behavior change will take longer than you think. Having new conversations, shifting behavior and learning to lead with awareness takes practice, and practice takes time.
  • The experience might be both uncomfortable as well as empowering; know that each are necessary to alter behavior and mindset. Embracing both what you do well and where you can grow is part of the journey.
  • Even if you have a deep understanding of the concepts covered (awareness, perception, reality), embrace the opportunity to share knowledge, wisdom, experiences and fears with your peers.
  • Acknowledge fears or uncertainty you may have about this program. Many managers feel they “should know this stuff,” but we cannot know that to which we have not been exposed.


  • Conversation #1: Who am I as a manager
  • Conversation #2: Building the skill of awareness as a manager
  • Conversation #3: Setting expectations with greater awareness
  • Conversation #4: Defining urgent
  • Conversation #5: Setting and sharing intentional boundaries
  • Conversation #6: Addressing team and individual energy

All clients receive the following ongoing support:

  • Reflection Questions: Initial questions to help establish a baseline of who the manager is: needs, wants, desires, fears.
  • Awareness Intention Template: The evolving action plan. Managers will commit to intentionally shifting one behavior each month that supports their growth in manager awareness and desired development outcomes.
  • Contemplation Questions: Questions to uncover and evolve how managers show up: needs, wants, desires, fears.
  • Use of our surveys and metrics to track behavior change.
  • The Monthly Pause communication with content to continue conversations between engagements.