Linking it all together

For the last year I’ve been working on 2 separate but related projects – both with the goal to empower people to empower themselves.

This project the work life balance project is about planting seeds and encouraging people to look at their values and actions in way that might lead to a more balance lifestyle.

The other project – called Simple Intentions – focuses on empowering people one word at a time when they need a tiny nudge through simple products like bamboo wall tiles and custom t-shirts.

The reality is both projects make up one company focused on – you guessed it – empowerment.

In a separate but related conversation I was talking about what I wanted to accomplish in the next decade. Simply put I want to empower 1 million people to feel empowered. I want to in some way inspire 1 million people to know they are in control every morning when they wake up to choose their life, their mood and how they spend their time. It is that simple – one company – one mission – 3 offerings – wear it, read it or listen to it.

Do you want to be part of the million people that own their life?


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