Conversation Guides


To learn, integrate and master the skill of awareness in the workplace requires expertly facilitated discussions, ongoing team conversations, internal reflection, and consistent practice. To truly transform a team and shift the atmosphere of an organization, it is essential that teams talk about the issues, blocks and struggles they are facing in structured ways designed to create awareness and empower a shift in behavior to support desired outcomes.

Facilitated programs can begin or enrich the conversation and are only one way interrupt toxic workplace habits. Given the right tools, managers and leaders can create conversation with their teams but for many in leadership roles it’s sometimes hard to know how to start the conversation. We’ve created tools to help leaders, managers and Human Relations leaders begin talking about “it”. What we’ve learned in over a decade facilitating programs is that the conversation will be different for each team, however the questions to ask them are the same.

CONVERSATION GUIDES act as a starting place to empower teams to talk about “it” (topics/behaviors/habits) that have a negative impact on each other and work outcomes and provide a framework to create action and agreements to shift behaviors and interrupt habits that no longer support desired outcomes.


  • Choose a Conversation Guide by topic
  • Arrange a team meeting (we provide meeting invite text)
  • Have the conversation with team (using provided tools)
  • Continue the conversation (you’re on your own, but we’ll give some best practices)
  • Keep the conversation going and choose your next topic



A conversation guide is a mashup of different types of “training” – any leader or manager can use it (with or without a trainer/facilitator) to generate custom discussions to shift team behaviors as needed to support desired outcomes. Each content guide is comprised of the following elements:

  • Meeting invitation text to set expectations with the team
  • Meeting presentation (PowerPoint with imbedded expert video, conversation questions, and action template)
  • Meeting follow-up text
  • The Monthly Pause communication to continue conversations between engagements


  • Deconstructing Urgent: What IS Urgent?
  • Risk-Resiliency: Talking about & Taking Intentional Risks
  • Work-Life Balance Team Agreements: Defining What Balance Means to THIS Team

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