Immersive one-on-one experiences

Jae works with people of influence to empower and inspire them to develop behaviors and habits to evolve their character, careers and company culture.

Using modalities taken from communication theory, mindfulness, executive coaching, organizational relationship systems coaching these programs provide an intimate exploration for new manager or experienced leaders in how to lead from the soul to create a future that is different from the past. It is through radical personal awareness and accountably from senior leaders that companies, communities and humanity will be unified and transformed.

All programs can be delivered online and/or in-person as appropriate and when safe to do so.

Soulful Leadership

This is a 12-month in-depth, bespoke experience customized to meet the needs of each individual, it includes one-on-one consulting, contemplation homework and additional prescribed tools and techniques to support leaders in reaching their desired outcomes to unite people and transform organizations. 

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Manager Immersion

This is a 6-month in-depth experienced designed to support new managers and managers in times of great transition. The program works to help managers define who they are as a leader, identify behaviors and patterns that support that expression and offers tools for how to spot blind spots to achieving desired professional outcomes. 

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