That’s right. I’m having fun. More fun than I’ve had working in years. So much fun that I haven’t had time to blog – though it’s on my mind quite a bit – as I’m spending a lot of my time creating a program for companies to teach employees how to have better work life balance. I justify that it’s ok I haven’t posted in days because I’m still honoring the content and the reason why I left my job. I’d like to post more and I have no doubt that I will as I keep getting in my groove.

The groove is even more than it’s cracked up to be – better than I fantasized it those many days I felt chained to my desk not in control of future. Sure I’ve had some technology challenges and I had near meltdown over managing my time across 3 calendars -other than that – I’m learning where and when I like work – I see patterns emerging and my I swear my skin looks younger.

In the month since I left my corporate gig – there are some days I work more than others – some weekends I work and some I don’t – the work is getting done -it’s fun because it’s about the work not the politics. I’m doing more than “fitting in” softball games, afternoons playing the park and lunch dates with my sweetie – they are becoming part of my groove – that and working out late afternoon and staying in my yoga pants while I response to e-mail with dinner cooking on the stove.

Yup – balance is bringing the fun back.


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