Feeling it a bit more

Funny that writing about being out of balance – made me feel a bit more in balance. I find it odd that that just by admitting something, your perspective can change and the power something holds dissipates to something a bit more manageable.

So now what? It’s simple – I’m going to spend the next 2 months enjoying what I have right now, and appreciate the incredible opportunities and choices I have in my life. I will resist the urge (and sometimes it’s a big one) to live in the future – I will live only in the moment as best as I can through the rest of 2008.

Professionally, that means enjoying my corporate clients, embracing the projects I have, being open to new projects I might not have considered before and most importantly – being opened to my creative self. That means listening to my ideas about how to begin a conversation so much larger then this blog, talking to people about what they have experienced, lost and found in their journeys for balance and finding my voice and the best way to tell the stories that millions of people can learn from and relate to.

Maybe Obama inspired me more than I realized – the change begins here on this random blog, the change is now in how I think about what I’m doing and being opened to what is around me. The change is in how the dialogue takes shape, a change I can impact if I have enough courage to do so. Because what I’m learning is that choosing a life of balance is not for the weak at heart.


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