Enough With the Resolutions

This time of year, you see it discussed on television, hear it on the radio, your friends and family might be talking about it too, resolutions for the New Year. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of setting goals and looking at the big picture of what you want to create in life.

What drives me crazy is the hugeness of many people resolutions. It’s no wonder so many folks fail or ditch them entirely before the calendar turns to February. Setting intentions can revolutionize your life, but the intentions don’t have to revolutionary to do so.

Participants from my workshops have told me their entire lives have changed just by not taking their cell phones into the bedroom at night. Others have shared that creating date night with their partners has transformed their relationships and others say that learning to listen to their bodies has reduced the level of stress in their life. These are not life changing resolutions, they are small intentional actions.

Instead of thinking about setting big resolutions for the whole year, maybe choose one or two intentional actions to practice each day.


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