Don’t Quit Your Job to Find Balance

By Jae Ellard, Simple Intentions Founder

[This post originally appeared on Huffington Post.]

quit my jobSome people leave their jobs to find better balance and end up right where they started, only sitting at a different desk. You don’t have to quit your job to find better balance. In fact, please don’t do that. Rather, find balance in the job you currently have. Quit only if you realize your career is not supporting you in living or expressing your values.

Finding balance has very little to do with your career. Balance also has very little to do with the company where you work, or the people with or for whom you work. Balance has everything to do with getting clear on what you need and effectively expressing those needs.

Creating balance starts with a choice, an intention to create balance however you define it. Balance is different for each of us. It is not something that any CEO, manager or executive coach can give you or define for you.

Define balance for yourself, then make the choice to create it through daily actions. Actions that may be small, simple and so subtle that others around you barely notice. Actions like eating lunch away from your desk, drinking more water, getting enough sleep, setting down your mobile device when someone is talking to you.

Or bigger actions like mapping out your career path, learning new skills, putting energy into a hobby, or volunteering. Importantly, creating balance requires actions like saying what you mean, communicating your boundaries and requesting what you need to create a life of balance.

If you feel so out of balance that you’re thinking about leaving your job, stay until you are clear what it is you really need. Ask yourself if what you need is something your company or manager can reasonably provide. It might be that you already have everything you need, and the path to balance is small simple actions each day. No company, manager or person can create balance for you. The choice is yours.


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