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The right book can deepen individual awareness, shift perspective, or transform a situation – and in doing so build and maintain a more present, engaged, and aware workplace. But don’t just take our word for it.

The Five Truths About Work-Life Balance

Five Truths“If you’re busy like me – and who isn’t – then you don’t have time to wade through a massive tome of dos and don’ts. The Five Truths are handed to you in a creative, graphic way; a way in which you can quickly understand and very easily assimilate. Let’s call it a no-nonsense guide [to finding balance].” – Book Review, Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine

“It is a quick and inspirational read, that helps to put you in the right frame of mind to enable you to make better choices for yourself.”  – Book Review, Take It Personel-ly

“The further and further you get into the book, the more you will appreciate those blank spaces, because they give you the time and space you need to really pause and think about the things that the Ellard is sharing – concepts that will cause you to transform your approach to creating and leading a ‘balanced’ life.” Book Review, Create With Joy

“[Ellard] is not writing a procedure for you in this book–she is offering you valuable points to ponder as you consider your own work-life balance situation, goals, and needs…This is a great tool for anyone who is overburdened, tired, stressed, or doubting his/her happy balance in life’s many roles.” – Book Review, A Mama’s Corner of the World

“I definitely recommend The Five Truths About Work-Life Balance by Jae Ellard for anyone, like me, that suffers from an imbalance in life.” – Book Review, Room With Books

“I learned a lot about myself reading and reflecting on this book. It made me clearly see why I lack balance in some areas of my life…Highly recommended for anyone feeling even just a bit unbalanced in life.” – Book Review, Library of Clean Reads

“Not your typical self-help book….Five out of five stars” – Book Review, Everything in Between

“Jae Ellard has provided a very unique and visual guide to help us question exactly what our work-life balance should be.” – Book Review,

The Five Truths steps outside the box.” – Book Review, Heidi’s Wanderings

“This is a perfect personal development book to help us find balance in our work and life.” – Book Review, Genuine Jenn

Success with Stress


“The 5 strategies that Jae suggests we can beat stress with call for reflection on our values, invite us to be authentic and above all to honor ourselves…I am completely in agreement with Jae’s philosophy and would recommend this book to anyone struggling to reduce stress in their lives.” – Book Review, Everyday Gyaan

“Success With Stress by Jae Ellard is the perfect companion to accompany you through a season of improving your health!” – Book Review, Create with Joy

“A simple but thought-provoking read.” – Book Review,  Divas with Purpose

“This book is short, concise, straight to the point, easy to read and offers realistic, practical suggestions for readers. Everyone’s path to finding success with stress is different and this book really does allow readers to customize their experience.” – Book Review, A Mama’s Corner of the World

“It’s a book that doesn’t overwhelm but it does teach you a lot about yourself if you take the time to reflect. Self-analysis is never easy but it can bring on those lightbulb moments when you discover something that can be life-changing. It’s really up to you. This book is a vehicle that can get you there.” – Book Review, Laura Fabiani, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

“This book addresses stress and responses in small bits, offering practical and effective ways to reduce it’s negative impact on one’s life.” – Book Review, Laura’s Interests

“Each person’s path to coping with stress is, of course, individual; this book enables the reader to customize their own response to stress.” – Book Review, Library of Clean Reads