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The purpose of Jae’s books are to inspire personal accountability and professional transformation.

These books use a short and to the point style and are filled with questions for reflection and practical tips that can be applied immediately to create desired outcomes. Contact us about bulk pricing for teams or organizations.

The Five Truths About Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has nothing to do with work. Really. This short, illustrated book offers a refreshing take on the five conversations people are NOT having about work, life and

Stop & Think:
Creating New Awareness

What does work-life balance mean to you? Using mindful awareness, this workbook style book teaches the skill of basic awareness to empower you to see the choices you have and the choices you make that either support or sabotage the type of balance you desire.

Beyond Tips & Tricks:
Mindful Management

Managers have to talk about work-life balance to change it. This book for managers introduces a mindfulness-based conversation framework for how to talk about and solve for the impacts of work-life balance on teams and organizations. 

The Pocket Coach:
Perspective When You Need Some

Feeling stuck? This illustrated whimsical book doesn’t have the answers, rather the questions needed to help you shift perspective.

Stop & See:
Developing Intentional Habits

Is it possible to have balance and success?  Using mindful awareness, this workbook style book helps you understand the anatomy of habits and develop a link between your actions and desired outcomes for a balanced and successful life.

Success With Stress

What if you could minimize or prevent stress before it happens?  This illustrated book gets to the point with five easy, free and mindful strategies to help you proactively manage stress and find calm in the chaos of everyday life.

Stop & Listen:
Practicing Presence

Can you have work-life balance without the ability to be present?  Using mindful awareness, this workbook style book helps you create deeper balance and engagement with yourself and others by exploring how to be more present in your professional world.