Balance in Chaos

According to the BBC today, “Wall Street has lost more than a fifth of its value in the past 10 trading days and is heading for one of its biggest weekly falls since the Dow Jones index was created 112 years ago.” Gulp.

Times are crazy and right now and as I see it the need for a personal balance is critical as so much of the world feels out of balance. If you are like most people you might be trying to figure out what you can do and you want to jump right into action and try to “fix the problem” – which is a natural human reaction. It’s important to remember that if you spend all your energy all day long trying to fix something you can’t control – or even influence- you’re in danger of running yourself into the ground, which is bad for your mind, body, sprit not to mention your job, family and community.

I’m no expert here – but I my gut tells me if people who are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, job uncertainly, dwindling in saving or 401(K) accounts, might want to take some time to play with their children, focus on a hobby or enjoy the beautiful fall colors of October. I’m pretty sure it won’t cause any harm, mostly likely the world won’t even miss the fear and anxiety of millions of people.

So go be – enjoy all that is in front of you today and this weekend. I encourage you to find balance in an unbalanced world in a way that works for you. You might be surprised how your perspective on life might change – if even only for a few hours.


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