Monthly Archives: February 2012

How Are Your New Year resolutions Going?

How many of you started this year with buckets of passion around a resolution or two? And how many of you are still stuck in your old behaviors and patterns? Its ok you are not alone! Start anywhere and for those of you needing some extra motivation to recharge your efforts international bestselling author and motivational speaker Dr. John Demartini is offering a public talk via webcast on Wednesday February 22 on “SuccessfullySetting & Achieving Goals – How to Be More, Do More and Have More in 2012”. There is no better time than today to start making your 2012 dreams a reality.


Is it a Work-Life Balance Issue or Your Age

I couldn’t help myself in posting this as many of my workshop attendees are between 30-50 years old, and like we discuss getting clear on the root issues that are causing the imbalance is half the solution to creating more balance. So what do you do when the cause is your age? This article in Scientific American, MidlifeMisery: Is There Happiness After the 40s? might offer some hope that it’s only a passing stage.