Monthly Archives: February 2011

Don’t Leave Before You Leave

This TEDTalk by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg address some key issues around why there are so few women leaders. Through geared for women, the message is impactful and beneficial for both genders to hear. In short: don’t leave before you leave. Many times people, men and women, check out of their jobs long before they actually leave, or even attempt to leave. There is a name for this and it is called presenteeism – employees who show up for work, but who are not mentally present. Beyond presenteeism, this video talks passionately about the ability to for women to understand their abilities as well as “own” their successes and the importance of great partnerships at home and at work to support success. Most impactful for me, was the message for women to always take a seat at the table. This was the exact advice I got from a powerful mentor of mine at Microsoft. She empowered me to take a seat at the table, literally and in how I was showing up in all elements of my role. She also taught me that great executives are not given opportunities, they take them. Her presences in my life inspired me to create a seat at the table I wanted to be at it and with gratitude I thank her for showing me it was possible.