Monthly Archives: September 2010

Get out of your Inbox

In the book, Making it Big in Software: Get the Job. Work the Org. Become Great, by Sam Lightstone, Google’s Director of Research Peter Norvig, was interview and had some thought provoking things to say about work life balance. I’ve posted a juicy quote below that was sent to me last week by a workshop graduate that he found on LifeHacker.

“People get out of balance when they see their value as being able to respond quickly. If I see myself as a machine for answering email, then my work life would never stop because my email never stops. If instead I see my value as separating the important from the unimportant and making good decisions on the important, then I can go home at a reasonable hour, spend time with my family, ignore my email and phone messages all weekend long, and make sure that when I return to work, I am in the right mood to make the good decisions.”


SPUN Up For Sale

It’s official, my book that takes after my workshop of the same name, SPUN Up: Success with Stress is for sale on Amazon. This is isn’t your typical stress management book, it’s short and to the point with five strategies for reducing the amount of stress in your life. The catch is it all sounds easy, however changing behaviors and old patterns can be really hard. The book can guide you towards small ways to change behaviors that tend to cause more stress in your everyday life. check it out if your interested in lowering your stress level.