Teaching Tools for Transformation
Since 2008

Company founder, Jae Ellard has three simple intentions:

1. To provide tools for professional transformation to all who seek them
2. To inspire personal accountability to create sustainable work-life balance   

3. To empower people of influence to become well-rounded soulful leaders   

Since 2008 Jae Ellard has taught tools for professional transformation at Fortune 500 companies in over 50 countries.

For over a decade Jae has worked with thousands of leaders, managers and employees to develop individual and organizational accountability. She has created over 20 research-based learning and development programs and authored seven books and hundreds of articles on the topics of work-life-balance, conscious communication, mindful management, soulful leadership and stress management.

Jae is committed to helping people solve problems from a different consciousness than which they were created from, changing ideas for what is possible in the professional world.


Clients include Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Expedia, Pearson Education, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Evergreen Healthcare, American Thoracic Society, Russel Investments, Columbia Bank, Umpqua Bank, Rhode Island Quality Health Institute, Simplicity Consulting and many more.

Some of the countries Jae has worked in include India, China, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweeten, Finland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.
Los Angeles, CA USA
Seattle, Washington
New York City, New York
Providence, Rhode Island
Toronto, Canada
Portland, Oregon
San Diego, California
San Jose, California
Austin, Texas
Mexico City, Mexico
San Jose, Costa Rica
São Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bogotá, Colombia
Reno, Nevada
Miami, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Dublin, Ireland
London, England
Amsterdam, Netherdlands
Paris, France
Madrid, Spain
Munich, Germany
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Milan, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech republic
Warsaw, Poland
Moscow, Russia
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweeden
Helsinki, Finland
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Bangalore, India
Hyderabad, India
New Delhi, India
South Africa, Africa
Singapore, Singapore
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
Tūnis, Tunisia
Istanbul, Turkey
Jerusalem, Israel
Beirut, Lebanon
Sydney, Australia
Caracas, Venezuela
Shenzhen, China
Taipei, Taiwan
San Juan, Puerto Rico